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Slightly Impulsive Purchase: 1997 Rickenbacker 360

After selling the Beetle, I found myself with a surplus of cash. This is super unusual. Normally I barely have any cash on hand. Because of this, I decided to do the responsible thing and drop $1,500 on a new guitar. Not just any guitar, however, a Rickenbacker 360.

The Rickenbacker has always been an iconic guitar in my mind. I grew up listening to British Invasion music from the late 60’s and in that realm, the Rickenbacker was king. Their bright tone and distinct body design was always interesting and ubiquitous during that time. Additionally, the guitarist from my all-time favorite band The Smiths played a Rickenbacker on the group’s first album (an absolute masterpiece) and occasionally from that point on.

After driving 3 hours to Dallas the same Saturday I sold the Beetle, we pulled in to the local Sam Ash store. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Sam Ash, it’s basically Guitar Center on steroids. It’s ridiculous. While my friend Tyler and I waited for the seller from Facebook Marketplace to get to the store, I pulled a similar Ric model down from the wall and played on it. Honestly, I wasn’t impressed and kinda felt nervous about the purchase. Out of nowhere, the seller texted me. He had arrived.

We went out into the parking lot and met up with the seller (really nice guy, by the way) and I checked out the guitar. Holy shit did it blow the one in the store out of the water. Despite being a 21 year old model, it looked and played better than a factory new one. I was floored. I gladly handed him his $1,500 and left knowing that I had gotten one hell of a deal.

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